The Giant Pitch

There are three things that govern the way I live my life; success, passion and impulse. 

The only way to truly be successful is through the ambition to achieve, constant hard work and not being afraid to pitch your beliefs, opinions and ideas to the people around you. Success is the most important thing to me, it keeps me motivated and gives me the will power to never give up. After all, "If you ain't first, you last" - Ricky Bobby.

I have a passion for life. I love what I do, I love my friends and family and I love God. Having a passion for certain aspects in my life allows me to enjoy every moment of it, after all life's a pitch.

Impulse and being spontaneous makes life pitchy keen! I always strive to try different things. I aim to say yes to all opportunities that cross my path, because if I don't, at the end I will be left with no memories and many regrets. 


  • Hi, I'm Anuschka, and I like to party
  • I am a Cape Town girl, born and raised
  • I am half Portuguese, a quarter Hebrew and a quarter Afrikaans 
  • I am a graphic designer, I would however love to become an Art Director in the future
  • I love all things design
  • I want to work in an advertising agency in New York one day
  • Adobe Illustrator is my muse
  • I run to the T.V. when my favorite commercials air
  • I would rather watch a soccer game than go shopping, Glory Glory Man United!
  • I am a series and movie addict
  • I would rather spend money on a ticket to a music festival or concert than spend money on a dress or make up
  • My friends and family are the most important things to me

Now that you know the story behind The Pitch Pit, I hope you enjoy all the ideas, loves and design inspirations I will be pitching to you.