Sunday, 22 January 2012

Cousin Kit

I believe a great cousin is probably one of the best assets to have in life, all the love of a sister but all the fun of a best friend, they allow for the perfect balance between love and laughter! The great thing about cousins in the Portuguese community is that you can never have to many, even 6th cousins qualify as family. My family is rather small compare to most, I have several cousins but there is one who stands out above the rest. She is a cousin that I have spent my entire life with sharing some of the funniest and craziest memories. And yes, you have guessed it, we are only 4th cousins, but she is closer to me than any other first cousin could ever be. Her name is Nikita Da Silva, a black haired, brown eyed beauty with a heart of gold. She just turned 21 and is officially older than me until March. 21st birthdays are very important in our Blackpanndjat crew, most of the girls turned 21 last year but Nikita, Paulina and I were born a year later than them. Each girl has received a surprise gift from the crew, and Nikita's birthday was no exception. I had to hear about how much she wants an iPad2 for almost over a year, so what better present to give her. With the help of Blackpandjat, Renaldo, Darryn and her Mom we were able to make her wish come true. I put the iPad into a kettle box and wrapped it just so that should wouldn't guess what we got her when we handed the gift to her. 

The girls from Blackpandjat wanted to give her something extra as well, so we came up with an idea to create a fairy-tale book for her. Everyone wrote a little story to her, decorating their own page, and giving their own title, we also added in a glossary page filled with words that can only be understood by the girls in the group. We decided to try and make it look like an authentic fairy-tale book. The name of the book is The Adventures of Miss Da Silva.

With my pages I tried to keep it old looking so I decided to hand write and sketch pictures instead of using the computer. I must say it felt amazing to draw again, not that I am any good at it. The name of my story is The Fox And The Hound, there is no better title to describe our friendship.

We gave her the gifts at her party which was held on Saturday, she started crying after she saw it and that was truly the icing on the cake, no better reaction than that. 

I was also lucky enough to be asked to design her invite for her 21st, It had to be elegant and young at the same time, the colour theme was purple white and silver, this is what I came up with:

I could ramble on about how truly special Nikita is but I already did a speech for her at her birthday. Instead I will give you some fun facts about her:
  • She's the Man: not only is it her favorite movie but she literally acts like a man sometimes, she throws a mean punch
  • She brushes her teeth in the shower
  • Her favorite food is her moms veggie soup and Greens ceasar salad and she hates any cooked fruit
  • She laughs at anything, which is awesome because I always feel like a comedian when I talk to her
  • She wears a size 7 shoe which is terrible because I can't borrow any of her awesome heels
  • She is still a kid that acts like a retard in public, watches Disney Channel non stop and has every single Justin Bieber song.
  • She always shotguns the front seat of the car before anyone else can
  • If a Beetle drives past be wary that "Punch Bukkie Blue" will follow shortly with one huge pounding to the arm or leg 
  • She is Kourtney Kardashian's doppelganger
  • Her favourite colour is black 
  • Her favourite singer use to be Britney Spears but now she loves Eminem more than any other
  • She would choose savory over sweet any day.
  • She never reads your bbm's
  • She would literally sleep the entire day if she could
  • Her best sleeps are when she drools and she makes a funny squeeling sound when she does a stretch after she wakes up.
  • Her mom is her life
  • Hubbly is her favourite pass time
  • She was mean't to be my sister

Always keep your family close because in the end they are the reason for living. Love you Keeta!

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