Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Awesome Foursome

The year has been absolutely amazing all thanks to my superheros The Awesome Foursome. Simoné plays the role of Whiplash, the Celtic woman with uber long powerful hair. Shanté is Harpy, she has sarcastic superpowers. Bianca is Buddha, she is the wise one with Chinese eyes, and my name is Fists of Fury (FF) I am a midget with overly large fists!

On a more serious note, we have all had some crazy times together, they have introduced me to the wonderful world of wine tasting and now I have a great love for wine (my initials are AA for a reason), okay I am just kidding! J.C Le Roux, Clos Malverne and The Devon Valley Hotel is among our favourites. We have also all gone on an epic journey from The Shire to Mordor, apparently I have found my soul mate along the way, he goes by the name of Gimli, the girls will never let me live that one down. We have also recently lost one of our beloved superheroes, Whiplash, she was kidnapped by gingerbread men with quilts and taken to the land of the Scots! She is now studying in Edinburgh but she will be returning during Christmas for a feast with the rest of The Awesome Foursome! We will also without a doubt beat Buddah and Harpy at 30 Seconds again, I am looking forward to it! Right now, Harpy, Buddah and I are occupying ourselves by following the tales of Batman before the return of Whiplash the Great!

We will be saving the world from boredom one great memory at a time! You guys truly are awesome!

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