Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Die Hollensche Mollen

Die Hollensche Mollen is a popular family resort tucked away in Franschhoek, South Africa. We visit the resort every year on Boxing Day, and I am truly fond of the fact that my family has formed this tradition. R100 gets you in for the day, one might think it is very expensive but fact is the resort is very well kept and summer is the only season they make all their money. You can also purchase a membership which means you will pay a significantly cheaper entrance fee every time you visit the resort.

A typical trip to Hollensche Mollen comprises of making food for your picnic and preparing the meat a night before so that one can leave early in the morning, by early I mean hitting the road at 8am. Why so early one might ask, well hundreds of families flock to the site particularly on Boxing Day, so in order to find a good spot to picnic and to park the earlier you leave the better. It is possibly the only place when Portuguese and Afrikaans people dominate the area. If it is not Espetada on the braai then it’s boerewors either way it makes out for one hell of a fun day.

The resort’s main attractions are their overly large swimming pools and the river that flows right through the resort. I prefer swimming in the river over the swimming pool, because I can actually stand in the river. The swimming pool is so deep that I am often left swimming with the kids in the shallow end or holding on to the edges of the pool for a quick rest. The famous diving board also keeps everyone occupied. I have slowly advanced to the highest diving board; well I would rather call it a plonking board because I usually just jump down.

When we aren’t swimming we spend most of the day sun tanning, playing cards or Uno and smoking Hubbly. This year we forgot the coal for the hubbly at home so Binx and I were walking around looking for people who were willing to sponsor us. Sad I know, but we eventually found one.

The resort hosts many competitions for their visitors such as karaoke competitions and Mr and Mrs Hollensche Mollen to keep their visitors entertained. They also have a bar with a t.v. so that important Boxing Day football games won’t be missed. Right next to the bar is a café where they sell almost everything. It is possibly the only café left that still sells Slicks (ice-cream in a triangle bag).

I am not a fan of their website design at all, but because of its history and loyalty of customers, I doubt anybody really visits their site. I is always a good idea to brand yourself properly though particularly if they want people to rent or buy a place at the resort. 

Take a look at their website: http://www.hollandschemolen.co.za/ Yes I agree it’s gross, if they are going to pay for a domain name they might as well have a nicer looking website designed.

I had a lovely time at Hollensche Mollen over the holidays; it is the perfect way to spend the day with your family. 

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