Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The aMazing Journey

As the year draws to a close I can’t help but flash back to all the great things I have experienced and accomplished throughout 2011. Not only has it been an eventful year for me but for the rest of the world as well. Catastrophic events filled the news on a monthly basis, but there were many great worldwide achievements particularly in the field of technology. We saw the introduction of Google+, the IPad2 and the IPhone 4S to name a few. This year has been a great year for Cape Town in particular, Cape Town was not only named the Design Capital for 2014 but Table Mountain was also selected as a preliminary Seventh Wonder of the World.

I have grown a lot as a person throughout the year. I have learned that when an opportunity crosses your path you should grab it, and that is exactly what I did. I originally planned to study further at the start of the year but I also got offered a job at an in house design company. It was a really tough decision but in the end experience is always more beneficial. I have learnt so much this year, in terms of design. Deadlines are shorter, standards are higher and clients are meaner. I have developed a really tough skin, and I rarely take it to heart when the clients want numerous changes to be done to the work you thought was just short of perfect. I have worked on some great projects this year with some wonderful people. I have learnt not to try and impress everyone, but to be myself rather, people will appreciate you more that way. Let your work speak for itself, being a kiss-ass gets you nowhere in life. We recently had our year end function and the theme was “Cruising into the New Year” hopefully the year to come will present me with exciting new challenges which I will gladly take on. We went to Hout Bay and took a trip to seal island, I have included some images of our year end function:

The design style of 2011 was very much retro, sometimes one has to look to the past to fine inspiration for the future. There has been some great campaigns by some of the world’s leading brands which created much of an impact in the world of advertising, Heinekens The Entrance advert for example got 75+ editorial posts, 4million+ YouTube views to date and ranked number 1 on the Viral video chart and the Facebook likes on the Heineken page increase by 91 680. View the advert here:

The KFC So Good campaign was definitely one of the best campaigns in South Africa for the year. Their commercial has over 300 000 views online and was nominated for a Loerie award. The commercial with the biggest impact goes to Nandos for The Last Dictator Standing, although it got pulled off the air it has over 1 million views on YouTube to date. View the advert here: 

I believe that 2012 will be an even better year in terms of world growth. Adverts will be smarter, campaigns will be bigger and technology will be better.

I have many personal goals for the New Year as well:
  • Paint, draw, scribble and sketch
  • Learn Web Design and/or Photography
  • Meet loads of new people
  • Love and live more
  • Say yes to as many opportunities as possible
  • Win some awesome design competitions to get my name out into the industry
  • Travel
  • Work on amazing campaigns that will blow your mind away
  • Limit my laziness to a bare minimum
  • Grow taller (wishful thinking) 

Although to some 2012 may be the end of the world, I feel it is just the beginning of the next chapter in my life.  

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