Monday, 5 March 2012

5 Gum S.A. presents: Two Door Cinema Club

When we look at the power of social media marketing, one brand has really stood out above the rest in South Africa and that is 5 Gum SA. They have created some truly memorable experiences for people and have generated a buzz online through their competitions and marketing campaigns. Last year 5 Gum brought us a first ever user generated 3D mapping projection project whereby people entered in their own ideas and the best were selected and revealed at the launch of the brand in South Africa. To refresh your memory I have added a clip of their promotion:

This year 5 Gum truly outdid themselves. On the 8th of February 2012, 5 Gum announced that they were bringing an Irish band called Two Door Cinema Club (TDCC) to South Africa for two exclusive shows in Cape Town and Jozi. A limited amount of tickets for the show could be won by entering online, there were no ticket sales available for the concert. News of this event spread in a matter of seconds across all the social networks. I honestly never knew that TDCC had such a great following in South Africa. As I am a fan, I decided to enter online too. Everyone anxiously waited for the announcement of the winners and when my SMS didn’t arrive I thought it was all over. I was quite relieved when bloggers across S.A. were giving fans a second chance to win tickets to the show. With a glimpse of hope in sight, I decided to enter once more, my plan was to enter every blogger’s competition but half way through my efforts my friend messaged me saying ‘How much do you love me?’ she was kind enough to give me her plus one ticket and I couldn’t have been happier. People did almost anything to win tickets, I saw some crazy entries and I’m glad that I didn’t have to compete for it because I would’ve most definitely lost.

On Saturday evening a large group of us headed to the event. We were instructed to park the car by the airport where we were then all taken to a secret location on a double-decker PEP stores bus. It felt like I was going on a school outing again. The secret location was an abandoned warehouse in the middle of Nyanga. I was literally speechless when I saw the brilliant set up of the event, I pulled out my camera faster than a gun in a duel. The lights, projections and layout on the outside resembled a mini outdoor music festival. When we took the corner into the stage area, I was blown away at the sheer awesomeness of the stage and the building’s interior itself. The crowd, concert and 5 Gum logo was projected onto the walls rather than a large white screen in the front, quite original and cost effective. The floor was covered in small wood carvings which prevented the accumulation of dust in the vicinity. The sound and lighting on stage was of the highest quality and performances by the bands went off without a glitch.

My friends and I managed to grab front row once again and we were determined not to lose our spot until the very end of the concert. The Plastics opened and I must say they have improved tremendously since the last time I saw them, I truly believe that South African bands are right up there with the best. Next up was Ashtray Electric, it was the first time I had the opportunity of listening to them live, not really my type of music but they were pretty good.

After Ashtray Electric there was a short break before the headlining act TDCC took the stage, while people cleared for bathroom breaks and refills we moved our way closer to the centre of the stage. Constant chants of I Can Talk’s “Uh Oh Uh Uh Oh” could be heard by the crowd while the stage team was setting up. The lights dimmed and the sweet sound of Cigarettes in the Theatre filled the stage. The band played all their songs including Undercover Martyn which is by far my favourite song of theirs, as well as songs from their up and coming album. They seemed overjoyed to be in South Africa and I feel us Cape Tonians impressed them with our enthusiasm as everyone sang along to all their songs. They were brilliant live and I would have gladly paid to see them, but as they say the best things in life are free.

It terms of marketing, 5 Gum promoters were walking around handing out their new flavour gums, I tried almost all their flavours and I’m sure everyone else did too. The organisers also encouraged the people to tweet, facebook, etc. about the event using the #5GumExperience hash tag as a means of forming an online community and to promote their brand. For those of you who were not there or would simply like to relive the moment, I have added some videos I took on the night. (Please excuse the rather poor quality)

Cigarettes in the Theatre:

Undercover Martyn:

Something Good Can Work:

What You Know:

I Can Talk:

Eat That Up, It's Good For You:
(I Love the lighting at the end of this clip)

I left the concert with gum on my shoes, deaf ears and a sore throat, but it was all part of the wonderful #5GumExperience.

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