Friday, 28 October 2011

Now Panic & Freak Out!

After a night of no rest, and the sweet sounds of the Kings of Leon (KOL) rock anthems rolling through my head, it was finally time. The 26th of October finally arrived! I have never been more excited for anything, pure Bliss! With my T-shirt printed and poster ready, my friend Adriana and I headed to Cape Town stadium mid afternoon ready for what was bound to be one of the best days of our life! 

When we arrived we quickly made friends with the people around us knowing it would benefit our charging efforts to the front once the gates opened. The waiting period flew by, before we knew it the security was by the gate waiting to let us in. Adriana and I pushed ourselves close to the front of the line where we made friends with a girl who was kind enough to let us infront of her. Once the gate opened we sprinted to the next pit stop, pushing ourselves even further ahead. After a grueling 30 minute wait those gates opened and it was a sprint to the end, placing in firm second, and by second I mean second row from the front. Then some more waiting came which was totally worth it, the wait included performances by Shadow Club, The Black Hotels, Die Hewels Fantasties (with guest appearances by Francios van Coke and Jack Parow).

While the starting lineup bands were commencing, my friend Adriana managed to wriggle her way to the front.  I was however still stuck behind a male giraffe with curly locks. I plucked up the courage and asked him if I could stand in front of him, he was kind enough to allow me to stand next to him, although we were squished we all had a front row view now. 

The lights went dim and red smoke filled the stage... out stepped the Kings; Jarred, Caleb, Matthew and Nathan. Could the day have gotten any better, front row seats and ... to our great detective skills Jarred ended up being positioned on the right, exactly opposite to where we were standing. They opened the show with Crawl, followed by each and every song I wanted to hear. I would give you the line-up but I was beside myself the entire night!

Some of the most memorable songs were of course Fans, Molly's Chambers, Closer, Pyro where the entire audience started to sing along, and the song of the night Sex on Fire. The band decided to pull one of those "walk off the stage without properly saying goodbye" moments. Where the crowd went totally crazy all shouting "we want more" "we want more" and singing the verse from Use Somebody! And like we all predicted they walked back on stage playing four more songs.

Whilst they were playing Use Somebody, the security guard walked up to Adriana and I bearing Nathan's drumsticks as gifts for us! We couldn't believe it, I would be lying if I said I didn't cry during the remainder of the song, but I did. Jarred even gave a smile our way when we were pointing our sticks at him. They ended off with Black Thumbnail and a magnificent display of fireworks, the perfect ending to a perfect night. KOL seemed very happy to be here, all of them were smiling from ear to ear. Caleb said that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places he has ever been to, and they will be returning again!

And now, it is all over! The depression is finally kicking, every time I look at a video clip I start to cry, will I ever see them perform again? Only time will tell. 

I have added a video clip for those who never attended, so you can see what you missed out on! Please excuse the dodgy sound and camera shaking.

Tips to the best concert experience ever:
  1. Buy Golden Circle Tickets!
  2. Arrive early on the day!
  3. Make friends with the people around you so that they will be kind enough to let you in front of them.
  4. Don't drink anything to avoid unnecessary trips to the toilets resulting in you loosing your place.
  5. Run, push and shove your way to the front, take no prisoners!
  6. Be noticed - make a sign and/or T-shirt!
  7. Have the best night of your life!

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