Monday, 9 January 2012

Always Sunny in Cape Town

Blouberg is possibly one of the most stunning places in Cape Town. Not only do you have a view of our stunning mountain but there are some of the most amazing restaurants along the Tableview strip. I tend to go to Tableview on a regular basis even if it's just to watch the sunset while eating some delicious soft serve ice-cream. There is something about the ocean against the back drop of Table Mountain which completely soothes me. One can enjoy a visit to well-known restaurants like Primi Piatti, Ocean Basket and News Café or visit the local club called Medleys which all overlook the beachfront. The beachfront is enjoyed by Kite Flyers, dog owners and the local public alike.

Blouberg Eden on Bay is a popular spot filled with restaurants like Moyo, Cappello and Café Sofia as well as vibrant bars like Tiki Bar. There are many other convince and clothing stores. Take a look at their beautifully designed website: . It is clean and inviting, just the way any website should be. The logo is also simplistic yet beautiful.

Another one of my favourite places in Blouberg is definitely The Blue Peter Hotel. They have a restaurant at the front end of the hotel which faces the ocean. The vibe of the restaurant is amazing, and they are always packed to the rafters. To find a seat on a sunny day is a mission on its own, but the struggle is worth it! One can enjoy a drink on their lawn or if you lucky enough you can grab a table and try out their pizza, I can honestly say they have the best pizza in Cape Town. The Blue Peter has been around for many years and its popularity has never faded and I doubt it ever will. Take a look at their elegant website:

I took the photos at a beach close to The Blue Peter, whilst enjoying a lovely ice-cream on Christmas Day. Cape Town has so much to offer and I am blessed to be living in such a beautiful city.

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