Friday, 6 January 2012

Rezonance NYE festival

The expectation for New Years to be the best party of the year has always been a let-down in the past. My New Year’s used to involve last minute trips to Langebaan where we spent most of the night sitting in the car waiting for something interesting to happen and then eventually settling for a below average evening at Flamingos. House parties were also always on the agenda for New Years and jumping in the pool with my clothes on was possibly the most exciting part of the entire evening. This all came to an abrupt halt when I was introduced to the fascinating world of outdoor music festivals. I went to some amazing festivals in 2010 but Rezonance was the best by a long shot, I’m not sure if it’s because it had the NYE advantage but I do know that partying with thousands of people is way better than partying with a couple handful.

I decided to embark on the Rezonance adventure this year again, with my very best of friends it promised to be just as amazing as the previous year. One of the best things about Rezonance is that it is literally an 8 minute drive from home, which allowed for shower and sleep during the day while we waited for the nights to arrive. We decided to give Friday night a skip as we needed all our energy to go full out on NYE and Sunday night. We arrived Saturday afternoon and the parking was already full. There must have been several thousand people there already. After a quick trip to my friend’s tent to load off our stuff we headed to the dance floor. The layout of the stalls and stages were exactly the same as the previous year. We spent most of the evening at the Technodubfest Arena as we all have a great love for the electro music scene.

The beauty of the Prizm Stage however gets me every time and the amount of people who were dancing there always left me in awe. The lighting and set up of both stages was stunning as always. When the clock struck 12 pm all my close friends were at the electro stage, while some cried, I ended up hugging everyone thinking we might not have this moment again if the Mayans have anything to do with it. Towards 4 am I was left wondering Rezonance on my lonesome I lost most of my friends as they all decided to fade so I decided to party by the front left speaker at the Prizm stage till the sun rose. I don’t remember much but I do know I had one hell of a time. The Nutella Crepe was the icing on top of a perfect night.

After a good rest and refresh at my friends home we headed back to Rez for Niskerone and friends. We were all so tired but stuck it through thanks to our dear friend Red Bull, the rain started pouring down so everyone huddled under the Electro Tent. The music was better the Sunday night and I literally didn’t stop dancing until we left for home. I am now waiting anxiously for NYE to arrive once more!

I am truly blessed to have some of the craziest friends in town; after all it is not where you are but who you with that truly makes any experience worthwhile. 

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