Sunday, 8 January 2012

Klondyke Cherry Farm

So it is back to the grind stone as usual therefore this is a great time to reflect back on my superb two week holiday. It is kind of ironic that these holidays have left me feeling more exhausted than the year itself, late nights and early mornings made for little relaxation time. Even though I have lived in Cape Town my entire life, it never gets old. There is so much to do here, I spent less money than most who went on vacation to other places in South Africa, yet I probably had a better time than they did.

Klondyke Cherry Farm

The yearly trip to Klondyke Cherry Farm near Ceres is sort of a family tradition, it is truly such a lovely outing provided that you know the shortest route to get there otherwise you could spend half your day in the car trying to find the place like we did. The Cherry Farm is hidden in the valleys, surrounded by beautiful scenery it truly makes for a wonderful setting. One often sets up a picnic there, Espetada is put on the grill and a couple of card games are enjoyed by the family. Cherry picking is an art! Usually Nikita climbs to the top of the trees like an ape and I stand at the bottom with our buckets in hand trying to catch the cherries which she throws down. They say we are not allowed to eat cherries while picking, but because we like to be rebellious we often end up stuffing our faces with as many cherries as possible so that we don’t have to pay. We have learnt that the best cherries are the dark purple ones. The light pink and red ones have no use but for cherry fights, I know wasting is frowned upon but it is kind of hard to resist. The Cherry Farm is open during the summer but there is plenty shade for those who can’t handle the heat. I would recommend this place over and over again without a doubt!

Their website is in dire need of a revamp and their logo is just as bad. The colour and type combination is not appealing at all and the photos of the farm on the website doesn't entice you to go and visit them. It is such a lovely place to visit yet the branding of the farm does not show that. They have probably relied on word of mouth for most of their advertising as it is near impossible to find a picnic spot over the weekend in summer.

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