Thursday, 17 November 2011

Music Festivals

With Synergy on our doorstep I thought it would only be fitting to do a post on my love for music festivals. Cape Town has the best music festivals in South Africa. When summer arrives so does the music. Some of you might have never experienced a music festival, which is a pity, but it mainly consists of a weekend away at a farm, in the middle of nowhere, where thousands of people come together to listen to South Africa's best local acts. Thanks to festivals like these, local artists are given the opportunity to perform to a mass audience and it allows their popularity to grow at an alarming rate. I saw most of my favorite local acts perform for the first time at music festivals. I fell in love with Jam Jarr at Earth Dance, The Dirty Skirts, Goldfish, Prime Circle and Jax Panik at Synergy, PH Fat at Rezonance and Haezer, El Gordo, Civil Twilight and Just Jinjer at Rocking the Daisies. These festivals accommodate a variety of performances from the likes of Rock bands to Electro DJ's and even comedic performances. All these genres of music are sectioned off into different stage areas. So you can travel from stage to stage depending on your mood.

Photo taken by Tara-Lee

You can choose to set up a tent and stay the entire weekend or you can come through on the Saturday and party through until the next day. I always enjoy going the full weekend as most of the best acts are usually on the Friday. There are numerous food outlets, bars and clothing stores to keep you occupied whilst you wait for your favorite acts to come on stage. Popular brands like Hunters, Ray Bands and Red Bull flock to music festivals like these. They often get promotional people to hand out flyers and freebies. I feel this is one of the best ways to promote your brand as you are interacting directly with your target audience. 

Most music festivals are held close to a dam or river so on overbearingly hot days you can take a trip down to the waterhole to cool yourself off. I usually spend the Saturday down by the river. The best thing about these music festival is that you get to meet some very interesting people, each with their own unique personality and by the end of the night you find yourselves all jamming to the same music. Music unites people in a way that nothing else can.

I have been to various types of music festivals from trance festivals like Rezonance, Earth Dance and Boomerang to Rock festivals like Synergy and Rocking the Daisies. These tickets don't come cheap but I love it so much, I would rather spend money on a festival than on anything else as there is nothing better than going crazy to your favorite bands and artists and compiling an overly large stack of memories.

I made a poster a while back for a competition that was running to win tickets to Rocking the Daisies, my luck fell short though. My concept for the poster was the "Rocking the Daisies Walk of Fame" I set the poster on grass and gave it a hippy like feel, because you know Cape Town has the most Hipsters in South Africa.


Earth Dance

 Photo taken by Bianca


 Photo taken by Adriana

I unfortunately didn't take my camera to Synergy last year but this year I will be taking it along so that I can share my journey through the weekend with you. I am currently entering a competition on the My City By Night Blog I even made a poster because I want to win a ticket so bad this time. I always spend tons of money on festivals so I feel it is only fair that I receive one free ticket for all my support of local music. Synergy also has an amazing line-up this year, many of the artists I have never seen live, like Zebra and Giraffe and Goodluck. This year promises to be better than the rest so I am looking forward to it!

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