Monday, 7 November 2011

Commercial Favourites Round 2

Advertising is the ultimate way to exercise your creativity. When I see a product advertisement I love to practice my creative skills by trying to think of better ideas, I even sometimes look in my grocery cupboard or fridge and try and think of ways to sell the products I already own. I don't know if I am crazy by doing that but I love the fact that us as designers have the creative ability to influence other people's choices and emotions. A movie or series can take up to 1-2 hours to influence a persons emotions where a great television commercial can influence your emotions within 2-3 minutes. Advertising is like mind control, you will eventually buy products from the brands which advertise the most, I can guarantee that!

Here is another combination of my favorite TV commercials:

Nando's Double Breasted Burger
Nando's definitely has the funniest and most talked about commercials. Many of their commercials cause a lot of controversy, but this is usually intentional as there is no such thing as bad media, as long as they have the public's attention they're winning. The Double Breasted Burger commercial is an all time classic, a dumb blonde who can't find her chips because her breasts are too large is a clever comparison with Nando's chicken breasts which are also as large.

Fiat Don't Touch My Car
The Don't Touch My Car commercial by Fiat is an advert that was created many years ago and yet it still stuck with me. I think it has stuck with me because every time I saw it air I couldn't stop laughing. The biker got #Owned!

Nike Football Write The Future
Nike Football has some of the most amazing adverts, the graphics are brilliant and they always go big or go home. The Write The Future TV commercial for the 2010 FIFA World Cup gives me goosebumps every time I watch it, maybe it is because I love football, or maybe it's because I am Portuguese and Cristiano Ronaldo ends off the commercial? The concept is brilliant as Nike wanted to show that they would be the one's to write the future due to the quality of their football boots.

FIFA12 Commercial
Okay I am a little bias at the moment by selecting another football commercial as one of my favorites but you will soon realize that my love for football is just as great as my love for design. I love the commercial for the new FIFA12 game, this is exactly how I and probably millions of other people feel about football so they really set their sites on their target market! Although I don't know how to play FIFA this advertisement really enticed me to want to learn so I can be part of the football FIFA craze.

Heineken UEFA Champions League commercial
The majority of alcohol advertisements are brilliant especially the UEFA Champions League commercials by Heineken. I also really enjoyed the Carlsberg commercials. Maybe its because the wedding seen in their commercial would ultimately be my dream wedding!

Carlsberg Wedding Commercial

I hope you enjoyed my selection of my favorite commercials, if you know of anymore amazing ones feel free to share it with me! 

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