Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Burger Joint

Yesterday Dreamsmiths, The Creative Agency I am currently working for, officially launched as a separate entity from the Louis Group. Our boss decided to treat us to a day out, I suggested Hudson’s would be a great place to go to as the setting is amazing and they make the best burgers in Cape Town. I made a convincing plea to go there and everyone naturally agreed.

One of the reasons why I secretly love Hudsons is because I am infatuated with the simplicity of their corporate identity!  Even though their logo is extremely plain and didn’t take much creativity to think of I still enjoy looking at it for long lengths of time, and I am pretty sure they used one of my favourite fonts called Miso. The combination of browns really adds to the rustic feel of the brand and the décor of the restaurant.

Their menu is just as amazing, very simple but the names and descriptions of the burgers sell itself. There are no photos of the burgers in the menu which I think is a great idea, it allows the clients to use their imagination and visualize what the burger will look or taste like, especially first time visitors. Their menu is printed on a 350gram cardboard brown paper. I took extra-long to decide which meal I wanted to order so that I could carefully go through each item on the menu, they even sell Bashews there! I finally went with The Works, which is one of their better known burgers, it is a beef patty with mustard mayo, tomato relish, cheese, lettuce, onions and pickle. I am not very adventurous when it comes to food so I decided to go with what I know.

Their website is amazing, the design is current, and the content is easy to find and read. They really pulled through with the retro feel through their layout, image and font selection. The images are also large which really creates an ambiance of what to expect when you go and eat there. Take a look for yourselves.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of their business cards, it has the same feel as their menu.

I know it is crazy to love a place purely because of their branding and décor but I do, it feels like I am at a retro American burger bar when I go there. Their branding truly proves that less is more and their amazing burgers is what sells them and ensures that people will continue to come back time and time again!

This is the amazing view from Hudsons on Somerset

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