Thursday, 3 November 2011

Commercial Favourites

Advertising is one of my greatest passions and anyone who knows me will be able to vouch for that. I sprint to the TV when my favorite commercials play even though I've seen them numerous times before. A great advertisement will stand the test of time! Commercials and campaigns are the greatest way to express ones creativity, there is no better way to get the brain thinking than a smart, witty concept that will ultimately sell the brand and generate sales. There have been some brilliant campaigns lately, Nando's has been a firm favourite for many years now but the So Good campaign by KFC has certainly been turning heads. Even the very worst commercials get people talking, like those annoying Supa Quick, Dial-a-Bed and Mi-Way commercials, proving once again that there is no such thing as a bad commercial. Once advertisers have planted the seed of brand awareness, customers will be more likely to purchase a product at a well known store for a more expensive price than a unknown store for a cheaper price! Why? well people are like sheep, they follow each other and they are tricked into thinking that well known companies will provide them with better quality goods than unknown companies. In the end all the products were made in the same factory shop in China but through the power of advertising companies are able to convince consumers why their product is better than the same product sold at numerous companies across the country. And they say Scientists are the smartest people in the world? Ha!

I have complied a list of my favorite commercials, if you know of any better ones please leave a comment with a link!

Ranking in at number one is the So Good commercial by KFC. The first time I saw this commercial I cried, I have no idea why but maybe the combination of song choice, love and age created an overwhelming emotion of compassion and sadness. I love the fact that they are trying to portray that the mere smell of KFC will take you back to your childhood where KFC was our staple food! The fact that the man and woman stayed together over the years is also very inspiring!

My second favorite commercial has been my favorite for many years before I saw KFC's one. It is the Heineken Walk in Fridge commercial, every single time I watch this commercial I laugh! Selling the idea that men can also have a walk in fridge like women have a walk in closet, pure genius! Men love their Heineken as much as women love their clothing so why not have a walk in fridge? I can guarantee you a number of men across the world installed one of those in their house!

In my future posts I will list the rest of my favorite commercials as well as my least favorite I may even include some (amateur) commercials of my own! Some exciting stuff to come :)

One day I hope I can be part of something big, and that I too will be able to convince thousands of people to spend their hard earned cash on something they don't need! Evil I know, but creativity and passion knows no boundaries!

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