Friday, 11 November 2011

Cape Town Pride

My mother and sister at the waterfront standing in front of Table Mountain

Today is a very important day if you are a Capetonian, we are hours away from knowing if our beloved Table Mountain will be named one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. When I found out we were nominated I was kind of surprised Table Mountain has never been named one of the 7 wonders before? It is a flat mountain top in the middle of a city? It doesn't get more wonderful than that. This year is a great year to be proudly Capetonian, first we were announced as being the Design Capital for 2014, and hopefully by tomorrow we will be calling the pride of Cape Town a seventh wonder of the world.

There is a lot of speculation around The Vote for Table Mountain / New7Wonders Campaign as being a money making scheme, I disagree, I think it is a great way to unite Capetonians and encourage them to stand together and vote for something that is greater than us. In the end, if Table Mountain is chosen as one of the Seven Wonders, it will benefit us through the influx of tourists, therefore money will be at our hands once again. It will also finally put the people from Johannesburg to rest, ending the war between the North and the South, as Cape Town will ultimately be known as the best city in South Africa.

The people behind the Vote For Table Mountain Campaign has really made good use of social media. Twitter and Facebook has allowed them to encourage thousands of South Africans to vote. Their website is also beautiful, clean and inviting. The retro theme was once again used in their designs. If you want an idea or brand to sell fast make use of bold colours like red and blue and that is exactly what the Vote for Table Mountain brand did. They had a short time to make an impact therefore they needed to create something which will catch the public's eye immediately. Take a look for yourselves

Even Though The New7Wonders Foundation is taking a large cut out of the SMS voting I feel that if we all stand together and vote like crazy through remaining 3 hours and Table Mountain is chosen, we will all benefit from it tremendously. You can vote by SMSing "Table" to 34874, you can also vote via Facebook at

The other nominees can be viewed on this page: when voting on line make sure that you select Table Mountain as one of your favourites and lets make 11:11:11 a truly memorable day!

At the start of the year my company took us to Table Mountain, it symbolized our hope to prosper to great heights throughout the year that followed. I took some snapshots on by cellphone and I would like to share them with you:

11 reasons why I love Table Mountain:
  • It is the first thing to greet me in the morning on the way to work.
  • Even on the coldest and cloudiest of days Table Mountain still looks beautiful.
  • The white blanket which covers Table Mountain in the mornings is absolutely breathtaking.
  • Table Mountain even looks beautiful at night with the blue lights which light up our own natural wonder.
  • Table Mountain is not alone, it is accompanied by Lions Head, Signal Hill and Devils Peak all of these places have spectacular views from the top.
  • Table Mountain is surrounded by both sea and land.
  • You can see the whole of Cape Town from the Top of Table Mountain.
  • When I come back from holiday, I know I am home when I catch a glimps of Table Mountain.
  • When the sun hits Table Mountain you know its time to gather your sun tanning oil and towel and hit Clifton 4th or Camps Bay beach.
  • The view of Table Mountain is the only view you ever need to see!
  • There is no better sunset than the one you will see in Cape Town all thanks to the beautiful creation by mother nature.

Table Mountain was with us from the beginning so lets be with it until the end, we love our mountain so lets show it off to the world and Vote!

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